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Amud 10b

תוס' ד"ה מאי

מאי קעביד – What did he do

Summary: Three people who dug ten טפחים to complete a בור of thirty טפחים are all equally liable for the death of an animal that fell into this pit. If one dug ten and the other one more for a total of eleven טפחים, then only the first is חייב. Similarly by מרבה בחבילות, if the second fire could damage on its own then they are both חייב. However if one could not damage; only the other, then the חיוב is only on the one who could damage.

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תוס' ד"ה כולן

כולן פטורין –They all are exempt

Summary: If the first (nine) blows are אין בו כדי להמית then the רבנן agree that אחרון חייב.

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תוס' ד"ה ישלימנה

ישלימנה – He should complete it

Summary: A word may be reinterpreted (only) if there is a difficulty with the standard explanation.

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תוס' ד"ה לא ישלם

לא ישלם – He should not pay

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תוס' ד"ה הא

הא משום דממילא כולי – This one, is because it occurred on it own, etc.

Summary: When the גמרא states that שור cannot be derived from אדם and ש"ש it means individually; however it could be derived collectively.

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תוס' ד"ה לא נצרכה

לא נצרכא אלא לפחת נבילה – It was not necessary; except for the devaluation of the carcass

Summary: By נזקין the פחת הניזק is the liability of the מזיק; by פחת נבילה it is the liability of the ניזק.

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