The translator and editor of Tosfos In English is Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski.

Rabbi Piekarski served as a principal of a Mesivta (ישיבה קטנה) and was the מנהל רוחני and משגיח of a prominent ישיבה גדולה for close to thirty years. During this time he had the opportunity to observe literally thousands of students as they progressed through the pages of the Talmud. For some the journey was exciting and rewarding, for others however there were many roadblocks on the way. It is not easy for many students to navigate the intricacies of תוספות. This presented a difficulty for many aspiring and serious young men who wanted to participate in the ongoing and living discussion of the various סוגיות in ש"ס. All they needed was a little assistance to various degrees. For some it was necessary to explain an unknown גמרא cited by תוספות, others need to be guided as to where the question of תוספות ends and the answer begins, while there are those who need to be made aware of what is ‘bothering’ תוספות (those ‘hidden’ questions which תוספות anticipates). At TIE every attempt was made to address these issues, in order to make the תוספות accessible to all.

In addition, TIE addresses the more complicated issues which arise during the course of studying the תוספות. The more relevant comments of the classical commentaries of תוספות (including the מהרש"א ,מהר"ם ,מהרש"ל ,מהר"ם ,שי"ף etc.) are included either in the translation of the text proper or in the numerous footnotes that accompany the text. No effort was spared to illuminate the תוספות with the explanations of the later and even current commentaries in order to provide a full spectrum and appreciation of the richness that learning תוספות affords the serious student. It is our belief that many students, even those advanced enough to master a תוספות on their own, will find some new insight while perusing TIE.

We welcome your comments and especially any constructive criticism to help make this site a true מקום תורה, where everyone feels comfortable to study and grow in the knowledge of our holy תורה.